Mar 4, 2019, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, France, by Beneteau Group

Gender Equality Index 2018

Groupe Beneteau announces for its main subsidiary SPBI S.A. based in France a score of 84/100 for its index of equality between women and men at the end of 2018, as requested by the French law.

The scores of its other 2 French subsidiaries Construction Navale Bordeaux and BIO Habitat, as well as the overall rating of Groupe Beneteau (French scope), will be communicated by 1 September 2019 at the latest.


The Gender Equality Index measures wage gaps between women and men to end the 9% of unjustified pay gaps between women and men in France.

The five indicators used by the French Government to construct the index and their respective weighting are:

  • the pay gap (40%),
  • the difference in the distribution of pay increases (20%),
  • the spread of promotions (15%),
  • the percentage of employees receiving a pay increase on their return from maternity leave (15%),
  • the number of women and men in the company top 10 wages (10%).



Women represent 26.5% of the total workforce (France, USA, Poland and Italy). This breakdown is consistent with data published by the French national statistics office (INSEE) for the manufacturing industry. 

In connection with its workplace equality agreements, Groupe Beneteau ensures that gender equality is respected through a benchmarked and detailed annual analysis, working with its employee representative partners, concerning the situations for men and women. Following this analysis, specific action plans have been rolled out to ensure gender equality.

For SPBI, the agreement signed in October 2016 to promote gender equality in the workplace led to the following actions:

  • Deploying a communications plan to highlight examples of professional success by women in high-level positions that were historically held by men,
  • Putting in place a process for managing returns from maternity leave, including a pre-leave interview with their manager and an interview with the HR team when they return,
  • Encouraging women candidates for recruitment and internal mobility.

In spring 2018, the Housing Division signed a new agreement with stronger commitments with several joint workplace equality committees. An action plan has been adopted, focused in particular on raising awareness both internally and externally with
recruitment partners. There are also plans to:

  • Keep salary levels at 100% during paternity leave,
  • Offer a departure and return interview for any parenting-related leave (men or women),
  • Cover one day in case employees have children who are sick.

In the US, the Marion plant organized a dedicated Women in Leadership training program to help them develop their management skills.

  • Eight women have been able to benefit from this training, based on one session per week over six weeks,
  • The satisfaction rate was 93%.