Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, France, March 8, 2022

Women and industry, a winning mix!

On the occasion of Women's Rights Day, Groupe Beneteau is presenting some of the women's careers who have chosen to work in industry, whether in boatbuilding or leisure home production.

Women's Rights DayAt Groupe Beneteau, more than 2,000 women work every day to build our boats ans leisure homes in our production plants. Passionate, daring and talented, they brilliantly carry out the job they've chosen.

Representing 29.5% of the workforce, the vast majority of women in Groupe Beneteau work in production jobs.

In the Boat division, there are three women who are Plant Managers in France: Florence Gouby in Bellevigny, Maëlle Marques in Poiré-sur-Vie and Céline Hanon in Bordeaux. In Italy, Graziella Borgogna is General Manager of Groupe Beneteau Italia.


Choosing to work as boat builder is what Anne, Martine, Ophélie, Corinne and Valérie, the protagonists of the #RejoinsNous video series, have decided to do. 

Trained and accompanied to develop their know-how, they evolve professionally year after year.

Because women have access to all professions and jobs, we invite you to meet some of them here: 

Anne is Gap Leader for composite production


Anne is Gap Leader for molding and draping in Les Herbiers, and has been with the Group for 15 years: "Before I was an accounting secretary, today I build prestigious boats."




Martine is a wood varnisher


Martine is a wood varnisher in Saint Hilaire de Riez, and has been in the Group for 11 years. She left Paris and decided to change her life. In Vendée, she learnt a new job and took the internal training within Groupe Beneteau to learn wood varnishing techniques in boatbuilding.



Ophélie is a laminator



Ophélie is a laminator in Bordeaux for nearly 3 years: "This is what I was looking for." Today, she builds the hulls of the EXCESS and LAGOON catamarans.



Corinne is a prototype modeler



Corinne is a prototype modeler in Dompierre sur Yon for 11 years: "Here, I have found my place." She works on fake molds in order to obtain a smooth and shiny prototype that will later become the hulls of the various boat models.



Valerie is a finishing carpenter



Valerie is a finishing carpenter in Les Herbiers for 5 years: "Thanks to the internal training and the knowledge of my colleagues, we can make it, I am an example of this."




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