June 14, 2021

A look back at an exceptional 2019-20 year

Groupe Beneteau’s 2019-20 activity report has just been released and recounts a year of rare intensity. 

2019-20 Annual Report

Entitled after the Let's Go Beyond! strategic plan, the activity report features an interview with Chairman and CEO Jérôme de Metz and takes you through that special year: new strategy, key markets and nautical experiences, Group’s key figures, know-how and highlights that have marked the year. 

"Following this period, with its various challenges, Groupe Beneteau is holding its course,     
as mapped out with its Let’s Go Beyond! plan, unveiled in July 2020. It will achieve this
new ambition even more effectively as it is able to offer, in this new era, the products and
 solutions that make its mission more beautiful and more useful than ever"
Jérôme de Metz, Chairman and CEO



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