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Singapore Yacht Show 2019: growth strategy & Three Premieres in Asia Pacific

During the Singapore Yacht Show, Groupe Beneteau hosted its annual media lunch to share its global and local development strategies for the Asia Pacific region. Three Singapore Premieres were held by leading brands Lagoon and Prestige.

Groupe Beneteau CEO Hervé Gastinel recalled that in the 2018-19 season, the brands of the Group launched 32 new sailboat and motorboat models. He then focused on two strategic areas of the Group’s global transformation plan – Transform to Perform – where innovation has a major role to play: product development and improvement to services.

Since 2017, Groupe Beneteau has launched major product innovations such as:

  • SHIP CONTROL, a digital solution that interconnects all of the onboard systems (navigation, safety, comfort). It is now rolled out as standard on various Beneteau and Prestige models;
  • Connectivity, and the easy boating concept, which offer greater safety and simplicity during navigation and port maneuvers, as illustrated with the newest DockSense solution proposed by Raymarine on Prestige models.

Gastinel also stressed the importance for the leading boatbuilder of developing environmentally-friendly boating. 

“Innovation is not only about products. I believe that digital transformation is also revolutionizing the way people go boating”, he remarked.

Groupe Beneteau has developed a number of key initiatives in this field, launching:

  • Two boat clubs in Europe – Beneteau Boat Club and Jeanneau x Freedom Boat Club;
  • Leasyboat – a complete care leasing offer;
  • A shared ownership solution in partnership with Sailtime;
  • The online boating platform


A Strong Presence in Asia Pacific

Present in the region since 2003, Groupe Beneteau has strengthened its operations even further, building a stronger dealer network and opening a regional office based in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific accounted for €96.6 million of Group’s total boating revenues in FY2017-18, up 27.3% compared to the previous year. All 12 brands (over 200 boat models between 15 and 105ft) are distributed in the region, ranging from sailing monohulls and motorboats to motoryachts and catamarans.


Three Singapore Premieres at the Singapore Yacht Show

Six of Groupe Beneteau’s brands are exhibiting at the Singapore Yacht Show 2019, which has established itself as one of Asia's leading yacht and luxury shows.

Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Prestige, Monte Carlo Yachts, and the US brand Four Winns are presenting an amazing line-up of 14 models. Three will have their Singapore debut at the show, namely:

  • Catamarans Lagoon SEVENTY 7 and Lagoon 40,
  • Luxury motoryacht Prestige 630.

Date: April 11th – 14th, 2019

Venue: ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore




Lagoon SEVENTY 7 – Singapore Premiere  

Lagoon 50

Lagoon 450F

Lagoon 40 – Singapore Premiere



Gran Turismo 50

Gran Turismo 46

Gran Turismo 40

Antares 8

Flyer 7.7



Merry Fisher 895

NC 33



Prestige 630 – Singapore Premiere 



MCY 86



HD 270 OB

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